Late Sunday Countdown

Yet another boring post for the rest of you, but don't fret I have a good one coming up in the morning. But for now bare with me. Every other Sunday is when I check how much my stash has whittled by.

Let's start with the swaps (though these victories will be short lived once I have to count the yarn I get):
3 skeins of ggh angora
3 skeins mission falls 1824 cotton
3 skeins ggh aspen
1800 yds of lace weight bamboo that I handyed

woohoo all gone! ok now what have I actually used you wonder (if you actually stuck around this far):
2 skeins Aurcania Nature Wool
4 skeins Cashmerino Aran
1 skein of Tulle
1 skein of Gedifra Cicco
about 1000 yds of laceweight bamboo

I would count the handspun yarn and the mohair I attempted to use for that "scarf" I tried to finish, but since it's not officially done it will just have to wait.

I think I'm doing pretty good in this yarn diet, I already feel the Malabrigo that I'm going to buy at Loop to celebrate (is it bad I'm planning on celebrating with yarn?). Yep, I'm finally at wool!


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