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Yarn: GGH Aspen Color #10 (camel)
Amount: 3 skeins (the two on the bottom = 1 skein)
Status: Taken

Left over from an old project, GGH Aspen is a bulky wool and acrylic blend. All are from the same dye lot.

Mission Falls 1824 Cotton Color #300 (lichen)
Amount: 3 skeins (and enough extra for a swatch)
Status: Taken

Left over from the good bias shrug from IK. This is a worsted weight cotton with a sort of boucle look to it. Again, all from the same dye lot.


Blogger sylv said...

Hey, I'll be doing some comments for a change ! if you want to swap with some of my stuff, anytime !!! I particularly like the lichen one, but the camel looks good too. Let me know. Also about the "most ridiculous fo" thing, I just don't know where to post it. Fo or discussion & questions? Knit or crochet ? the crochet scene just isn't half as "rich" so it might not be as funny..?

19/7/05 1:26 PM  
Blogger yahaira said...

you can post it on the knitting discussions, I think you will get some great replies!

I'll totally swap with you :)

19/7/05 2:05 PM  

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