Almost Finished

My relationship with Candy Girl are coming to a close. We had some good times and some not so bad. We laughed together and then we ignored each other. But through it all she's still my friend. She's even taught me a few things:

hot pink makes me smile
hot pink and silk make me outright giddy
I'm very much like a tootsie pop: how many repeats (within a row) does it take for me to loose count? one, two, three! It's three!
eventually lace can become tv knitting
drinking wine while knitting creates very big yarn overs, who knew!

In these pictures I was somewhere in the 10th repeat, but after going to the gym. having dinner, and knitting while watching Crash I am in the middle of the 12th. I didn't meet my goal of finishing by this weekend, but I sure came close.

Here's an artsy/moment of zen/color accurate picture to tide you over until I have an actual FO.


Anonymous Keridiana said...

You have been so productive! And I like the bangs on you. It looks more funky, like your knitting! That hot pink is nearly pornographically attractive. What a good idea, exchanging your yarn. I must have burned all my receipts precisely to forbid myself from ever whittling my stash. I would go visit your stash progress, but I'm afraid it'd make me buy yarn again. And since I'm hardly using needles, that would be bad. Bad, bad! Oh, I recently weeded through my old makeup: it was fun and sad, how much of it is never finished. I realized I've never finished a bottle of body lotion before it congealed into a disgusting paste. P.S. Thanks for still visiting even though my blog has been inert.

18/9/05 11:24 PM  
Blogger Sandra may be knitting a ranchhouse said...

so pretty. Ooooh, I can't wait to see the FO.

18/9/05 11:43 PM  
Blogger castoncastoff said...

this looks stunning! can't wait to see it done. mine is done and dusted but I'd like to make one in KSH now am not 100% happy with it. Kirsty

19/9/05 3:57 AM  
Blogger jacqueline said...

this is gorgeous! i have just started getting into mine...must knit faster!

19/9/05 7:50 AM  
Blogger savannahchik said...

it looks great. love that artsy shot! you might not have hit your weekend goal but you'll definitely be done in time for stitches. i always feel like i'm allowed to buy more yarn once i finish a project ;)

19/9/05 7:56 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

It looks beautiful!

How'd ya like Crash?

19/9/05 9:53 AM  
Anonymous Diana said...

Looks great! I can't wait to see your finished photos. That pink is gorgeous.

Mine is almost to the 12th repeat too, but I am planning to keep on going until the yarn runs out.. this way no increase to the stash! :-)

19/9/05 11:56 AM  
Anonymous Purly Whites said...

So I'm not knitting this, so I can't join in the hey, I'm done with this many repeats. But it is sooooo pretty!

19/9/05 3:51 PM  

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